CoPilot IRA Costs

The CoPilot IRA offers an alternative solution for business owners who want to provide a retirement plan, but who don’t have a lot of time or resources to spare. There are no costs to the employer: any administration and recordkeeping fees are charged to the IRA account owners.

CoPilot: Workplace Savings IRA
Individual Fees Recordkeeping $4 per month
Custodial* 0.07% per year
IRA Platform* 0.20% per year for accounts under $20,000
0.15% per year for accounts between $20,000 and $40,000
0.10% per year for accounts over $40,000
Investment 0.02% to 0.83% per year

As of 09/01/2019.

*Custodial Fee and IRA Platform Fee are billed monthly, based on the average daily balance over the period.

If the account invests in funds that pay sub transfer agency fees to PAi Trust (or PAi), any such fees received by PAi will be reimbursed to the account as soon as administratively possible following the receipt of such payment.

All fees will be charged as soon as practicable following the end of each calendar month.

Additional fees may apply for services required outside of the outlined base IRA Account Owner Fees.


CoPilot IRA is a retirement service and is not an independent entity. Services for CoPilot IRA are provided by and through PAi Trust Company, Inc. PAi Trust Company does not provide any tax, legal or investment advice.

The Years of Retirement calculator is for illustrative purposes only. The estimates provided through this calculator are inherently uncertain and are not, in any way, a guarantee of future results.