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Financial Advisors

Google Hangout Recap: Why Participant Advice Matters in the Small Market

A new trend has entered the industry to help participants with their savings woes called participant-level advice. A study by Aon Hewitt shows that participants who received investment advice average 3.32% higher returns than those that do not get advice. On Thursday, November 13, PAi hosted a free Google Hangout that went into details on the trends related to participant advice, and how advisors can put participants in a position to own retirement readiness.


VPS Video Series: Why a VPS is Important for Financial Advisors

“What will you do for my retirement plan?” “What can I expect you to do for my business?” These are questions all financial advisors have heard from potential clients, as well as current clients. To help proactively answer these questions, and establish trust, create a Value Proposition Statement.

Tool of the Month: Education Policy Statement

As a Financial Advisor, you know that nearly every plan sponsor you talk with wants to know how you are going to help them with participant education. They see the benefit of a retirement plan, but are concerned that without the proper participant education, their participants may miss out. That is why we want to help support you when you have the participant education conversation with plan sponsors.

There are a number of things you can do to that won’t take too much time.

PAi Tool of the Month: Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet

Doing your homework and understanding a business’s wants and needs when it comes to their retirement plan is extremely important. By using our Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet you have the ability to get at this information easily and without being too intrusive.

This tool has many key uses, including:

5 Tools to Help You Sell Plans in the Small Business Market

There are 145 million working Americans, and 50% of them work for small businesses. On top of that, only 14% of small businesses offer their employees a company sponsored retirement plan – as you can see, there is a lot of opportunity in the small business marketplace.

Like any other new retirement plan sale, the right mix of meetings, conversations and tools will help a small business owner see how a 401(k) can help their business. Below are 5 tools that will help you in your quest to tap into the small business marketplace.

Set Yourself Apart by Highlighting Participant Education

One of the major cornerstones that plan sponsors are looking for is retirement education for their participants. They want their employees to not only participate in the plan, but feel comfortable and secure that the plan is helping them prepare for their retirement.

As an advisor there are critical things you can do to support your client’s fiduciary position.

The State of Small Business Retirement Plans

According to the Government Accountability office, only 14% of small businesses offer their employees a company sponsored retirement plan. This leaves a wide-gap in retirement coverage for many American workers.

Small business owners are extremely busy individuals, and are so focused on running and growing their business that they may not realize all the benefits a retirement plan can bring to their business.

The Value of an Advisor Value Proposition Statement

As the financial advisor of a 401(k) plan, you are constantly performing a multitude of services including: plan needs assessments, investment strategies, participant counseling, fiduciary consultations, cost-benefit analysis’ and plan performance evaluations. Do you have this all outlined in a Value Proposition Statement?

3 Marketing Tips for Financial Advisors

As a financial advisor, you lead a busy life. Between client meetings, reviewing investments and keeping up with your practice finding time to create a marketing plan can be hard. We know there aren’t enough hours in the week to do everything, but by spending just a few hours on marketing activities you could see results quickly. A few easy things you can do are:

3 Ways Advisors Can Add Value When Working With Plan Sponsors - Part 2

Plan sponsors are consistently looking for advisors that can add value on an on-gong basis. The advisors that are adding value to the plan sponsor’s life have a greater chance of retaining the plan on their books, growing their business through ancillary business (participant IRAs, 529s and other personal accounts) and gaining referrals. A few value added activities that an advisor can perform are as follows: