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What You Didn't Learn in School: Applying Behavioral Economics to Your 401(k)

The reality facing today's workforce is that “social security will not, nor was it intended to, constitute the entirety of U.S. workers' retirement income.1”  This underscores the importance of personal financial responsibility and the role the individual plays in planning for their future financial well-being. Workers face a multitude of problems when asked to make all kinds of decisions, both simple and complex regarding saving for their retirement – and that’s where Behavioral Economics come in.

Are Participants Flunking Retirement Readiness?

Mark Miller of Financial Advisor wrote a piece last week on how “People are Flunking Retirement Readiness, And What To Do About It.” He uses an airplane analogy illustrating that 30 years ago a professional financial pilot would manage your defined pension plan, but today most 401(k) plans are being controlled by the passengers or plan participants.

Auto Enrollment and Escalation: Does It Really Work?

The Law of Inertia: A body in motion will stay in motion and a body at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it.

The Law of Inertia, while originating in the world of physics, is amazingly applicable to the world of retirement planning. As plan sponsors and financial advisors know, getting people who are not saving to start saving requires a force nearly equal to the gravitational field of a planet. And getting people to save more than they are already saving is an accomplishment of galactic proportions.

3 Reasons a Small Business Should Offer a Retirement Plan

You’ve probably seen the TV ads with the big ready “Easy” button. Here’s a hint: it’s the ad for an office supply chain with a name that rhymes with maples. If only you could take that red button and put it in front of all the small business owners who don’t have retirement plans set up for their companies. “Just hit the button,” you would say. And shazam! They’d have their retirement plans and you’d have more business. Okay, establishing a retirement plan isn’t THAT easy, but it’s close, especially with a smart, dedicated financial advisor like you on the job.

Upcoming 401(k) Plan Deadlines

We realize you lead a busy life. As an advisor, you’re working on plan check-ups with existing clients and sales meetings for new clients and you’re expected to stay on top of upcoming year-end deadlines for your existing and new 401(k) plans. To help you stay organized during this busy selling season, here are the upcoming PAi Plan Deadlines through the end of the year:

4 Things Small Business Owners Want from a Financial Advisor

According to a study done by The American College, 6 out of 10 small business owners have not consulted with a financial advisor. And 3 out of 10 of these small business owners have not estimated how much capital they will need to have a comfortable retirement. Most small business owners understand how a financial advisor can help them, but don’t believe they have the time to meet with one. If you can provide some of the services outlined below you will be in a good position to add more small businesses as clients to your practice.

What is a 3(38) Investment Manager?

Plan sponsors utilize many different resources to help make decisions around their businesses. As a plan sponsor’s financial advisor, it is important that you help provide them with those same resources for their 401(k) plan. 

As the foundation of success for your client’s plan, you can help assemble the right partners and solutions to help plan sponsors manage, administer and monitor their plan. Adding a 3(38) Investment Manger can be a great addition.