Retirement State Mandates

It should come as no surprise that there’s a coverage gap in the retirement industry—specifically as it relates to small businesses. Only four in ten small businesses offer any type of retirement benefit to employees, making it a serious challenge for employees of small companies to properly prepare for a financially-secure retirement. Now, these state governments are stepping in to tell small business owners that they’re going to have to start offering a retirement plan to their employees, whether they want to or not.

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401(k) vs. State-Auto IRA Comparisons

A variety of states have already introduced legislation mandating that employers offer their employees a state-run retirement plan to save in, unless the employer already offers a different qualified retirement plan to employees, like a 401(k). Learn about the key differences between traditional 401(k) plans and the state-run auto-IRA programs with these side-by-side comparisons.


IRA plans allow employees to contribute to their retirement plan straight from their paycheck, but are there advantages to offering the 401(k) over a state-run Roth IRA—and vice versa?

All employers in Oregon, whether they have zero employees or 1,000 employees, will be required to offer their employees a retirement plan to save in. Download to review a 401(k) vs. OregonSaves IRA comparison, two options that satisfy the mandate.

The CalSavers state-run Roth IRA program was set up as a payroll-deducted auto-IRA plan, automatically enrolling employees into the plan once they become eligible. Download to learn about differences between traditional 401(k) plans and the CalSavers Roth IRA.

  • 401(k) vs Illinois Secure Choice IRA

    Illinois has now implemented its Secure Choice savings program—a state-run Roth IRA program. The program is just one of several qualified options employers can utilize, and some options, like the 401(k), can provide additional benefits to business owners over the state-run plan. Download to learn more about the key differences and benefits of 401(k) over Illinois Secure Choice.

Looking for more detailed information regarding state mandated retirement plans?

We’ve put together a free, comprehensive e-book answering the six most common questions employers have about state mandated retirement plans. To learn more about the state of the states, download the free e-book today!