Open Architecture

PAi’s open architecture 401(k) platform enables your clients to customize a plan that fits their employees’ retirement savings needs. Your client and their financial advisor will select the investments that will be used in the plan. Open Architecture includes best-in-class support, access to over 30,000 investments, and transparent pricing.

Open Architecture is a low-cost service for a plan sponsor that is looking for the ultimate flexibility in investment selection and typically has a financial advisor on the plan. 

PAi provides:

Open Architecture Plan Options

PAi offers both Plan4Most and Plan4One Open Architecture options. A Plan4Most is designed for any business that has non-owner, full time employees.

A Solo(k) is ideal for:

  • Owner-only businesses whose only employees are the owner or the owner and spouse.
  • Partnerships whose only employees are partners or partners and spouse.
  • C and S corporations where the corporation has only one shareholder and the only employees are the shareholder or shareholder and spouse.

Working with a licensed Financial Advisor or CPA?

We can work with them to help get your client's plan set up.