Growing your business and increasing client retention are the primary goals of any business.

In today’s world, time is money and your clients are looking for ways to streamline their benefit and payroll process. By offering a payroll integrated 401(k), you can be the single source of expertise for your clients while generating another revenue stream for your business.

By combining sales and marketing processes with payroll integration you get one of the most powerful after payroll service upgrades you can offer your clients.

Did you know…

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PAi, an industry-leading provider for retirement services, has successfully partnered with two of the nation's largest banks and multiple payroll providers. We currently serve over 14,000 employers, 210,000 employees and over 500 financial firms.*

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Payroll Integration

Learn why offering a payroll integrated
retirement service is a game changer.


Life is full of surprises.  Don’t let your
clients' retirement be one of them.


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*Firms include broker dealers, registered investment advisors, and other intermediaries. As of 12/2017.