PAi Client Highlight


Apricity is the only nonprofit in the nation serving men and women with substance abuse disorder to provide a full range of care, including treatment, transitional employment, job readiness training, education, and safe housing.

The company also encourages healthy financial behaviors among employees, offering a 401(k) plan to help workers become more retirement ready. As a valued PAi client, we wanted to learn more about Apricity and what drives them to make a difference—both in their community and in the lives of their employees.

apricity Fast facts

  • Nonprofit organization

  • Locations in Neenah and Milwaukee, WI

  • 34 total employees

  • 24 employees actively saving for retirement

  • Five words that describe Apricity’s culture: empathetic, dedicated, industrious, honest, and respectful


1. What is your favorite part about what Apricity does?

Knowing that we have played a part, however small, in a person transitioning from a shattered, lonely place into one of joy and fulfillment. Witnessing their growth, seeing the light and hope begin to spark in their eyes, watching them grow in confidence and ability, and becoming successful human beings is one of the most satisfying feelings in life.

2. What is Apricity’s greatest achievement?

Not having to rely solely on donations and grants to fulfill our mission. The fact that we are a nonprofit and also 95% self-supporting through the services we provide we feel is a tremendous feat.

3. What drives employees to achieve great results?

The countless people who have been stricken with substance use disorder and still need help.

4. Is Apricity involved in with any charities or charitable events?

We support and are involved with a number of organizations that are fighting substance use disorder, especially those that are helping to create awareness and fight the stigma that surrounds this disease.

5. What motivated Apricity to provide employees with a retirement plan?

We believe that treating employees with respect and appreciation nurtures strong bonds. One of the basic skills we encourage at Apricity is learning how to be fiscally responsible. Adding a retirement plan is imperative when learning this skill.