Increase Your Business with a Payroll
Integrated 401(k) Solution

In today’s world, time is money and your clients are looking for ways to streamline their benefits and payroll processes. Including an integrated solution for your clients adds value to the relationship and ultimately increases customer retention. By offering a payroll integrated 401(k), you can become the single source of expertise for your clients while generating another revenue stream and referral source to help grow your business.

How Does Your Client Benefit From an Integrated 401(k)?

  • Saves time and money
  • Reduces errors
  • Minimizes administrative tasks
  • Provides timely investment of employee 401(k) contributions

How does integration work?


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The best part about payroll integration is that all of this is happening behind the scenes and doesn't create any extra work for your client. Since the data is shared between systems, it not only saves time, but increases data accuracy. Learn more about how you can benefit from using a payroll integrated retirement solution.