In today’s world, time is money. Your clients are looking for ways to streamline their benefit and payroll process, and an integrated payroll solution allows them to focus on the things that matters most—like running their business.

Offering a payroll integrated 401(k) allows you to be the single source of expertise for your clients, which will help you stay competitive and generate another revenue stream for your business.

  • You focus on the payroll.

  • PAi will focus on retirement.

  • Together we can provide an optimal service for the client.

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 What does the Execupay integration look like?


Execupay’s payroll integration is 360 degrees, so the data exchange is full circle—from Execupay to PAi and back to Execupay. Once the employer uploads their employee census data, they have very minimal involvement after that. If the employee makes any changes in their account, PAi will send the information directly to Execupay to update in the software.

Benefits of integrating 401(k) with payroll for your clients:

  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need to manually enter data twice, so they’ll have more time to focus on their business.

  • Reduces errors by automating the transmission of contributions and collection of required data.

  • Minimizes administrative tasks because PAi makes it easy to track eligibility, enrollment, and loans for the employee. Any changes made by the employee will automatically be sent to the payroll provider.

  • Provides timely investment of employee 401(k) contributions because PAi can quickly and easily make the necessary retirement plan payroll deposits. Non-payroll integrated plans may run into DOL/IRS compliance issues with getting contributions in on time due to the lack of a streamlined and automated payroll deposit process.

Working with an existing referral network? No problem.

This is an inclusive service that welcomes your existing referral networks, such as Financial Advisors and CPAs. This is not a competing service for your referral network—they’ll still remain the face of the plan. If they are licensed to provide investing and financial advice, they can be included on the plan and receive compensation from it.


Get started today!

Getting started is simple and easy. This payroll integrated solution has no contract and there’s no monetary fee to get started—so there isn’t any risk in getting set up.

Once you’re set up, you’ll have a dedicated PAi sales representative you can go to for anything retirement-related, as well as get access to free marketing materials you can customize with your logo and contact information.