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Financial Advisors

The Power Behind the 3(21) and 3(38) Numbers

You’re the business owner, you love to have control. You’re excited to take on the fiduciary role for your 401(k) plan but are you really the right person? Experts warn you may want to think twice about that decision. The truth is, most plan sponsors lack the investment expertise to select or evaluate funds and run the risk of not knowing what they don’t know – something that could definitely turn into a liability down the road. 

Time, effort and responsibility 

VPS Video Series: Why a VPS is Important for Financial Advisors

“What will you do for my retirement plan?” “What can I expect you to do for my business?” These are questions all financial advisors have heard from potential clients, as well as current clients. To help proactively answer these questions, and establish trust, create a Value Proposition Statement.

3 Reasons a Small Business Should Offer a Retirement Plan

You’ve probably seen the TV ads with the big ready “Easy” button. Here’s a hint: it’s the ad for an office supply chain with a name that rhymes with maples. If only you could take that red button and put it in front of all the small business owners who don’t have retirement plans set up for their companies. “Just hit the button,” you would say. And shazam! They’d have their retirement plans and you’d have more business. Okay, establishing a retirement plan isn’t THAT easy, but it’s close, especially with a smart, dedicated financial advisor like you on the job.

Retirement Restoration: Win New Clients By Reviving Retirement Plans

A secure retirement is one of the cornerstones of the American Dream. After a long and dedicated career, people envisioned their golden years stretching out ahead of them, filled with leisure and a chance to enjoy what they worked hard for all their lives. That dream has become more difficult to reach over the past decades, but it’s still possible to restore retirement to America. By helping to revive retirement plans you can expand your own business’ potential. 

Fiduciary Play Calls: Break Down the Defense of Workplace Savings Plans

“The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.” – Lewis Grizzard

When Lewis Grizzard spoke these words of wisdom, he probably wasn’t thinking about fiduciary responsibility. But that is exactly the problem that needs to be tackled for retirement plan sponsors. Fiduciary liability can loom like a linebacker over small business employers, and they need a strategy for how to manage it.

Upcoming 401(k) Plan Deadlines

We realize you lead a busy life. As an advisor, you’re working on plan check-ups with existing clients and sales meetings for new clients and you’re expected to stay on top of upcoming year-end deadlines for your existing and new 401(k) plans. To help you stay organized during this busy selling season, here are the upcoming PAi Plan Deadlines through the end of the year:

PAi Tool of the Month: Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet

Doing your homework and understanding a business’s wants and needs when it comes to their retirement plan is extremely important. By using our Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet you have the ability to get at this information easily and without being too intrusive.

This tool has many key uses, including:

4 Things Small Business Owners Want from a Financial Advisor

According to a study done by The American College, 6 out of 10 small business owners have not consulted with a financial advisor. And 3 out of 10 of these small business owners have not estimated how much capital they will need to have a comfortable retirement. Most small business owners understand how a financial advisor can help them, but don’t believe they have the time to meet with one. If you can provide some of the services outlined below you will be in a good position to add more small businesses as clients to your practice.

Start the Savings Conversation with Technology

Technology is everywhere you look. From the mini-computer you call a phone to your car’s dashboard, everything in our lives is becoming “smart” and the financial industry is no different. Tablets and smartphones are helping participants become educated in new ways in which they would not have had access to just 10 years ago.