Where are the best places in America to retire?

Where are the best places in America to retire?

Warm weather year-round. Sandy beaches with beautiful ocean sunsets. Endless days and nights of relaxation. It sounds like the perfect place to spend your golden years; it sounds like Hawaii, doesn’t it? But did you know the Aloha state is actually one of the worst places to retire? Based on the cost of living—the highest in the U.S.—and low Medicare spending, this tropical paradise can’t outshine the strain it may put on your wallet [1]. So where should you retire?

Top 5 best and worst states to retire

Just like in real estate, retirement is all about location, location, location. Where you choose to retire can affect your retirement account balances nearly as much as when you choose to retire, with states varying in cost-of-living estimates, access to public transportation, tax-friendliness, health insurance costs, and crime rate.

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It’s clear that retirement destination can have a monumental effect on your retirement—and not just financially. Before choosing a place to spend your golden years, you’ll want to take weather conditions and crime rates into consideration, as well as long-term necessities like ease of access to local hospitals/doctors and proximity to family.

After you’ve done thorough research on the best states to retire, think about what your retirement goals are. If retirement looks like a sunny beach with year-round warm weather, retirement-friendly states like Indiana and Michigan may still not be your best options. Above all, remember it’s not just about an account balance—it’s about reaching your goals. And whether that be taking more vacations during your golden years or being able to afford more years of retirement, having a plan in place prior to retiring is your best bet at achieving the retirement you’ve always dreamed of.