Our vision: a world where workers own their retirement readiness.

Our vision: a world where workers own their retirement readiness.

People often ask us, “How did PAi get started, and why are you so passionate about the retirement industry?” The answer is simple, really. As a young man, PAi’s founder, Michael Kiley, saw his father struggle to retire during an economic downturn, even after a lifetime of saving for retirement. Kiley remembers this struggle quite vividly:

“There are a few defining moments in my life that helped shape my passion for the retirement industry.

The economic climate when I was a young man was difficult – business failures were too common. Unfortunately, many times a business failure took the retirement accounts of the employees with it. I remember watching a national broadcast that regularly covered the stories of people who had reached retirement, only to find they did not have the security they thought they had. No crimes committed and no one trying to hurt anyone – just bad planning and a bad experience.

This uncertainty became a reality for my father when he turned 62. He discovered that his retirement plan wasn’t what he thought it washis future wasn’t secure. Instead of the retirement he envisioned, my father worked until age 80. It became clear to me that the system could and should work better for business owners and the plan participants.

More than thirty years ago, I started PAi with the specific purpose of making affordable, best-in-class retirement plans available to American business owners and their employees. A lot of progress has been made on retirement security, but there is plenty more to do. Too many workers do not have access to a workplace retirement plan or don’t know how to use the one they have. At PAi, this reality drives us every day.”

Michael Kiley’s vision for retirement readiness is translated into everything that PAi does, from our call center to our human resource department. Everyone has one goal, and that’s to make retirement easy to understand. We want retirement plan participants to be confident that the retirement they’ve envisioned can still be a reality.

This dedication is what drove PAi to develop the CoPilot service. Gone are the days of complex charts and calculations based on how much money each account has; instead, CoPilot makes information easier to understand by translating account balances into how many years of retirement participants are projected to have. The service is designed to alert users about any decisions that could potentially impact their retirement funds, helping to make sure that participants truly understand the retirement savings process. With these features backed by a passionate customer care center, CoPilot makes it easy for participants to own their retirement readiness.