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April 2014

Hiring a 3(38) Investment Manager

It seems everywhere you look in the retirement plan industry a new 3(38) Investment Management Service is opening its doors. As regulations in the industry have shifted, plan sponsors have started to look towards 3(38) Investment Managers to help relieve some of their fiduciary risk, and they are looking to you, the financial advisor, to help them with this decision.

Can your practice benefit from a 3(38) investment manager?

With all that goes into running your retirement practice, time management can be a challenge. According to an article from Financial Advisor magazine, advisors spend an average of 13% of their time on business development or new client acquisition.*

Being able to spend more time with current and potential clients, means more time growing your business. An investment manager can help with this by providing additional oversight of the plan while freeing up more of your time to help your clients.

4 Ways to Plan for Retirement

When you are younger, planning for retirement is usually at the back of your mind. As a 20 year old, the 40 some odd years between where you are now and retirement might as well seem like a lifetime. But as you get older you realize that you need to have a plan in place to be able to have the retirement you want.

With it being National Retirement Planning Week, we wanted to provide you four ways that you can become better prepared for retirement:

Having the 3(38) Conversation

As a consultant to your client’s 401(k) plan, you are always looking out for the plan sponsor and participants. From participant education to plan design and benchmarking you do a lot to support your client’s 401(k) plans. That includes assembling the right components, such as a 3(38) investment manager, to help make sure plans are running at their best. 

Explaining Your Value Alongside a 3(38) Investment Manager

Adding 3(38) Investment Management Services is a new approach in the retirement plan industry, and one of the biggest concerns financial advisors have is what do you say when a client asks, “If you are outsourcing the fund selection to an investment manager, what do you do?” This can be a tricky conversation because many plan sponsors don’t understand their fiduciary responsibility and many believe the financial advisor is the fiduciary .

What is a 3(38) Investment Manager?

Plan sponsors utilize many different resources to help make decisions around their businesses. As a plan sponsor’s financial advisor, it is important that you help provide them with those same resources for their 401(k) plan. 

As the foundation of success for your client’s plan, you can help assemble the right partners and solutions to help plan sponsors manage, administer and monitor their plan. Adding a 3(38) Investment Manger can be a great addition.