2018’s Most Popular Advisor Resources


#1. Open Architecture Info Sheet

Looking for ultimate flexibility in plan design and investment selections? Learn about PAi’s Open Architecture platform, its pricing, benefits, and compensation options for you—the advisor.

Download Open Architecture Info Sheet (pdf)

#2. CoPilot Info Sheet for Advisors

Retirement plan administration can be challenging, especially when balancing all of your other day-to-day responsibilities as a financial advisor. Enter CoPilot. CoPilot was developed to track plan participants’ retirement readiness and displays account balances in a way that actually means something to clients—how many years they can afford to be retired. 

Download CoPilot Info Sheet for Advisors (pdf)

#3. Enrollment Presentation

Make 401(k) enrollment meetings a breeze with this ready-to-use, customizable presentation that’ll help walk your clients and their employees through all of the important details.

Download Enrollment Presentation (PowerPoint)

#4. PAi Quick Facts

Get to know PAi on a deeper level—from how we got started to how we partner with advisors today, and everything in between.

Download PAi Quick Facts (pdf)

#5. Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet - Startup Plan

Make sure you have the information you need to provide an accurate proposal with this quick interview worksheet designed for potential clients.

Download Plan Prospect Interview Worksheet - Startup Plan (pdf)

#6. Fiduciary Services Platform Comparison for Advisors

As the standards for retirement plan fiduciaries continue to change, advisors are unsure about their own fiduciary requirements. Use this tool to learn about the different roles and responsibilities that make up a 3(38) service, to compare the services you receive with PAi’s CoPilot and Open Architecture platforms, and to make an informed decision on which platform best suits your needs and home office requirements.

Download Fiduciary Services Platform Comparison (pdf)

#7. Increasing Your Business with Payroll Integrated 401(k)

Utilizing a payroll integrated 401(k) comes with many benefits—for both you and your clients. From increasing your business and building a referral network to saving your clients valuable time, learn how a payroll integrated retirement savings solution can benefit all involved.

Download Increasing Your Business with Payroll Integrated 401(k) (pdf)

#8. Retirement Plan Options: 401(k) vs. IRA

When it comes to retirement plans, business owners have numerous options—401(k), SIMPLE IRA, SET IRA, and the like. Use this guide to help your clients select the right option for their business.

Download Retirement Plan Options 401(k) vs. IRA (pdf)

#9. Benefits of Safe Harbor

Small businesses often face unique challenges when it comes to operating a retirement plan—namely passing non-discrimination testing. That’s where Safe Harbor comes in. Use this straightforward guide to explain to clients what a Safe Harbor plan is and what the benefits of having one are.

Download Benefits of Safe Harbor Info Sheet (pdf)

Looking for resources to use with your clients and their employees?