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CoPilot 401(k)

401(k) retirement plan administration can be challenging. CoPilot was developed with an understanding of how difficult it is to track each and every plan participant's retirement readiness, especially with the increased compliance regulation and home office requirements regarding educating, but not advising, those participants.


CoPilot is a turnkey retirement savings service that allows you to remain as the face of the plan and get paid—all while the plan administration and investment education that typically make 401(k) plans so demanding is taken care of for you.


Learn more about building your 401(k) business by downloading the
CoPilot information sheet for Advisors (pdf). 


CoPilot isn't your average 401(k) plan. It's a best-in-class retirement savings service—meaning you'll save valuable time when you need it most. Even more, CoPilot utilizes many of the funds that you're already using with your clients today.

CoPilot includes:

  • Real-time participant activity monitoring—keeping you in the know when actions are taken that will impact their retirement

  • Level compensation

  • Fiduciary coverage providing two layers of protection for your client

  • Proactive participant messaging to keep them engaged


CoPilot is a bundled retirement service and is not an independent entity. Services for CoPilot are provided by PAi and PAi Trust Company, Inc. (PAi Trust) which are affiliated business entities under common control and ownership interest. Investment fiduciary services are provided by PAi Trust. PAi Trust's client Brochure (Client Brochure PDF) is also available by contacting PAi Trust at 877.357.7031. Any other business entities referenced are independent of and not under common control with any of PAi or PAi Trust.

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